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Kayaking on a cold lake near a glacier, Iceland

Understanding the 120 Rule in Kayaking

Discover the importance of the 120 rule in kayaking for ensuring safety in cold water. Learn how to calculate it, the risks of ignoring it,…
Resting Kayaker on the Shore

Do You Wear Clothes Kayaking?

Discover what to wear while kayaking for optimal safety and comfort. Learn about the importance of a layering system, appropriate footwear, headwear, and accessories for…
Enjoying perfect day on river. Rear view of beautiful young smil

How Far Should a Beginner Kayak?

Discover how far a beginner should kayak, considering factors like physical fitness, weather, skill level, and equipment. Learn tips for successful kayaking trips and how…
Kayaking,U.S.,A man in a wetsuit drawing his kayak onto the shore, in misty weather. New York State, USA

Kayaking in Different Weather Conditions

Learn how to safely enjoy kayaking in different weather conditions, from sunny days to extreme weather, with tips on clothing, gear, paddling techniques, and more.